Annyeong, chingu~

Eva • 15 • from England • 98-line

♫ pinkpanda&exotic&inspirit ♫

"Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears"
- Les Brown

Bomi on 141015 Weekly Idol

Eunji on next week's Running Man [!!!!!!!]

apink’s showtime

chorong playing with mini panda and accidentally drops it

♡ (some of) my favourite ‘94 line girls 

naeun & hayoung’s sexy cane dance in suits (ಥДಥ)

Pro Gamer Rong in Plus Nine Boys

who do you think of when you sing “mr. chu?”
naeun: chorong unnie!
chorong: naeun, for me~♡

myungsoo and naeun’s stupid, cute snapchats ♡

namjoo’s little happy dance upon receiving a treat from a fan (‘∀’●)♡


[ 2013 vs 2014 ]

When Chorong goes to short hair…. And her dongsaeng reaction~~ :))